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rehab for women

With a storied legacy spanning nearly six decades, the Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers have guided countless individuals toward enduring recovery. Our uniqueness stems from being the world’s largest and most enduring network of addiction recovery centers, encompassing over 200 centers across the United States and an additional 1,000 centers worldwide. Aligned with the esteemed Teen Challenge family, Kentucky Women’s Rehab is integral to this legacy.

Kentucky Women’s Rehab is for women aged 18 and beyond who seek a path to liberation from addiction. Rooted in a comprehensive year-long residential program, we offer a multifaceted approach that includes peer-driven support, enriching group dynamics, personalized counseling, nurturing parenting classes, spiritual nourishment, vigilant relapse prevention, effective anger management, comprehensive substance education, invigorating recreational pursuits, and empowering vocational rehabilitation.

At our facility, we maintain a haven of gender-specific healing, fostering an environment of safety, purity, and vitality, all dedicated to the journey of recovery. Guided by a dedicated and compassionate team, many of whom have triumphed over similar challenges, we extend unwavering respect and empathy to each individual under our care. Our commitment requires individuals to fully embrace a proven plan and dedicate a year to pursuing recovery and honing life skills.

rehab for women

Kentucky Women’s Rehab catalyzes transformative change. Recognizing that sustainable transformation is the key to preventing addicts and alcoholics from slipping back into their destructive patterns mere days, weeks, or months after treatment, our approach is resolutely centered on long-term recovery. While detox and short-term abstinence can be achieved in controlled environments, our ultimate objective is to empower individuals to shun addictive substances throughout their lifetime, even in the face of adversity.

The path to addiction often begins as an attempt to fill internal voids, be it the need for affection, achievement, absolution, kinship, validation, spiritual fulfillment, or a sense of purpose. Temporary solace is found in drugs or alcohol, offering a brief respite from emotional turmoil. However, the insidious grasp of chemical dependency takes hold, obliterating the capacity to break free autonomously. Withdrawal from these substances can be agonizing and perilous, a testament to their formidable control.

Once entangled, these substances dominate an individual’s thoughts and actions, erasing autonomy. Often, this spirals into criminal activities like theft or drug dealing, leading to legal repercussions. Gradually, higher doses are required to achieve the same effect, culminating in overdose or physical ruin.

At Kentucky Women’s Rehab, we transcend short-term solutions, nurturing lasting liberation from the clutches of addiction. Our purpose is to mend and metamorphose, ensuring that our participants emerge equipped to reclaim their lives and confront challenges without succumbing to substances. Our mission at our rehab for women is to change and disrupts the cycle of addiction, granting individuals the chance to rebuild and flourish.

Without a new mindset and life focus to fill the void, the addict will repeatedly return to their addiction, ravaging their relationships, trustworthiness, career, finances, and physical and mental health. The addiction will utterly destroy them.

So, to unwrap the layers of addiction, we take several steps, and these steps cannot be rushed. Once you understand them, you will see why it takes up to a year to accomplish. Typical high-cost, short-term rehabs are pretty convincing that they can solve addictions in a much shorter period. They are a joke in the media—we often hear of celebrities attending one after another and never solving their addiction. That is because their life issues have not been dealt with. 

rehab for womenHave you wondered why the addiction treatment center industry keeps its term short? First, it is more palatable to the addict, employer, or family for the problem to be “fixed” quicker. Secondly, most insurance programs will only participate in the first 90 days. So, the expensive rehabs make the most money by having a revolving door, which wreaks havoc on the individual and their loved ones. Addicts have to go back to short-term rehabs again and again until their loved ones have run out of money. In between, the addict returns to their habit, creating a roller-coaster existence for them and their loved ones.

On the contrary, our addiction treatment centers are operated as nonprofits, so our fees are very low. We focus our efforts on permanent recovery, no matter how long it takes. We keep the investment for the individual or their family to a minimum, seeking most of our operational funding from donations from the community. That support gives us enough time to work with each addict to transform their life for good. And that is why Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers are so successful.

Why Our Rehab for Women Lasts a Full Year

The first step to recovery is detox. It is meant to purge the substances and their immediate control over the addicted individual. Depending on the substance, this alone can take weeks or even months in a highly monitored and daily tested environment. Withdrawal can be anguishing, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. After detox, the real work begins, but change cannot happen from a few days or weeks of counseling. Change happens daily, over many months, as the individual lives in an environment where their lies, negative motivations, and improper actions are constantly challenged. It occurs as the individual makes mistakes and is called out for those mistakes by the staff or peers who have been in the program longer. Time is the greatest tool in our arsenal, along with the wise counsel of our team and spiritual renewal. The individuals in our addiction treatment center gradually learn to think and act differently. As in building healthy habits, repetition is the key to long-term success, so proper thinking and actions become natural and automatic.

Our rehab for women works on the underlying person, rebuilding them from the inside out. The addict learns to “own” their mistakes, solve them, and not repeat them. Along with our staff, peers in the program are a critical force in showing the way because these individuals who have been in the program longer naturally mentor and want to lift the newer residents. 

Deliverance: Embracing a Higher Power

 rehab for womenThe addict has failed, again and again, on many levels. They know they cannot change independently due to their feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and repeated past failures. So, from the very start of our program, a reliance on a “higher power” is emphasized. We believe in the life-changing effect that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can have on an addict’s life. None of us can change our hearts — we need to cry out to our Maker and put the hard work on His shoulders. Christ and the Holy Spirit become a constant companion to the addict, bringing peace, fulfillment, purpose, kindness, truthfulness, and a desire to be clean and do what is right.  

Initially, the addict or alcoholic grapples with a sense of being unforgivable, weighed down by the wreckage they’ve left in their wake. However, a profound revelation dawns upon them – the boundless acceptance and unconditional forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. This realization ushers in a new realm of possibilities. The perception of worthiness is rekindled, paving the way for personal growth and reconciliation. The Creator of the Universe’s benevolence removes an immense burden, rekindling their sense of self-worth. A profound yearning emerges, compelling them to seek forgiveness from others and engage in acts of service. This juncture signifies a transformative stride. Empowered by Christ’s presence, they muster the strength to embark on the path of seeking forgiveness from those they have wronged. Astonishingly, individuals who witness the palpable shift in demeanor and attitude readily extend forgiveness, ushering in a profound sense of liberation.

Reinstating Truth in the Addict’s Path

Among the common threads binding all addicts is their uncanny mastery of deceit – a skill applied skillfully to friends, family, employers, and even themselves. Moreover, they are deft deflectors of blame, adept at evading accountability for their actions. The introduction of Christ into their lives heralds a resurgence of truth, a virtue that may have been eclipsed. A significant proportion of our staff comprises former addicts, thereby equipping them with the discernment to pierce through the residents’ façades of falsehood. This marks the genesis of a journey centered around truth and transparency, often guided by firm compassion and unwavering support. Truth becomes a bedrock principle from this juncture onward, with its lessons sometimes imparted sternly but consistently underpinned by acceptance, empathy, and benevolence.

In due course, the addict or alcoholic arrives at an epiphany – the realization that the path forward necessitates shedding the shackles of perpetual deceit and embracing life through the prism of truth, aided by the presence of Christ.

Change Doesn’t Sink in Unless it is Lived.

rehab for womenAfter several months, our rehab for women residents is clean from drugs and alcohol, straight with God, and curbing the lying to themselves and others. But they still need a new path forward and a plan, or they could fall back into their old ways. The addiction treatment center, therefore, shifts toward introducing new positive elements into their life, including service, compassion, vocation, and a strong work ethic. There is still a partial void in the former addict’s life having to do with their future and their purpose in life. So, several months of hard work need to happen. Confidence, poise, and a healthy vocation must be created for them, and they gradually move outside of the protected, drug-free environment in our facility. Service work to the community teaches the residents humility, yet it is fulfilling to produce something daily, no matter how menial. The work is initially done in groups, with each member watching out for the others while testing their resolve to stay clean and hold each other accountable. Menial work gradually shifts to a focus on finding a fulfilling vocation that the former addict can successfully move into after graduating if they had none previously. We help them get launched in that new vocation.  

Why Does Kentucky Women’s Rehab Maintain Such Affordable Rates?

The community supports Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers and recoups only a small part of their cost from the tuition charged. We have nearly 60 years of evidence that this model works, so the community gets behind us. We successfully transform individuals once enslaved by addiction into vibrant, productive, and peaceful individuals who care for others. The community is, therefore, very grateful!  

In a Teen Challenge Outcomes Study conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the profound impact of our approach becomes vividly evident:

  • An astounding 92% of Teen Challenge graduates reported experiencing a year of good to excellent health following their program completion.
  • A remarkable 86% of Teen Challenge graduates proudly declared their triumph over drug dependence, enjoying a drug-free existence a year later.
  • 72% of Teen Challenge graduates opted to continue their education upon completing the program, demonstrating a commitment to holistic advancement.
  • On the professional front, an impressive 75% of Teen Challenge graduates found themselves gainfully employed a year later, with an admirable 73% achieving full self-sufficiency.

Compare these numbers with statistics of most other short-term addiction treatment centers, which are typically in the single digits!

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    Legal Trouble?

    We accept individuals who have been in trouble with the law or are in jail. Courts have allowed addicts time here instead of prison because they know how effectively our program can change hearts and lives.

  • addiction treatment centers
    Personal Growth

    We help the addict sprout new leaves and grow a new life, free of addiction and the pain that led them to their addiction. We are all about planting the seeds of new life and helping the individual grow into a new creature in Christ.

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    Vocationally Focused

    We teach humility, care, trustworthiness, and the traits of a good worker. We help the former addict find a new vocation and rebuild their future. Having a strong plan keeps the individual excited about life and self-supporting.


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