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Students Share their Stories of Changed Lives through Kentucky Women’s Campus



My name is Danielle. I never wanted people to know the real me. I grew up longing to be loved and accepted. The only times I experienced this is when I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I began to search for who I was in toxic relationships and drugs. Next thing I knew I found myself living a double life. I was a hairstylist, mom and an active church member by day and heroin and meth addict by night. I cried out to the Lord because I thought I was going to die in my addiction. Why not surrender and give my life to the Lord to spare my two little girls the pain of losing their mom? When I arrived at the doors of Teen Challenge, I had no clue who I was. The Lord has used Teen Challenge to radically change me. I found healing and forgiveness, not only for others but for myself as well. Teen Challenge is not a twelve step program, for me it was one step, total surrender. If I could say anything to the person I used to be or anyone struggling with the same struggles it would be hang on, don’t give up, there is hope and God has a specific plan for your life. 



My name is Racheal. I had a family, obtained my degree, and got a job. This is when I started my meth addiction which lasted sixteen years. For those sixteen years, I lived a double life selling drugs, using drugs, and lying to my family. I became destitute, homeless, and abandoned. Crying out to the God that I knew as a child, saved me and most importantly saved me for eternity. I came to Teen Challenge in August of 2019 feeling lonely, afraid, and prideful. Now I’m saved, filled with the marvelous Holy Spirit who is my friend and prayer partner. I am victorious because I’m no longer a drug addict or a gang member. I am victorious because my family has forgiven me as I have forgiven myself. I’m walking in the love of God because I have lost this world and gained my soul, my Master, my Father, and my God for eternity. God reminded me that as a child that the call to preach His truth to the lost and broken would be accomplished with my surrender. The spirit of God says that now is my time. Even through my rebellion and idolatry, God still saved me for His glory.



My name is Aurora. I’ve struggled with anger, bitterness, rejection and low self-worth. As a child I didn’t receive the love and attention that a little girl desires from her dad, so I searched for it in other places. My anger kept my mom at arm’s length. My escape started at 9 in the form of a pill given to me by a babysitter at my dad’s. From there it escalated to men and meth. By the age of 17, I knew domestic violence firsthand. At this age, I also gave birth to my first love, but the pull of drugs found me in a custody battle that I lost. My anger and resentment started to build, and I found myself at a Teen Challenge in Florida. I found God, but I didn’t allow him full access to my heart. I left Teen Challenge, relapsed, had a beautiful baby girl, and ran from God for years. At the end of my rope, I begged God to save me. I wound up at Kentucky Teen Challenge. Since coming here, God has seen to it that I have completely surrendered. I’ve got restoration with my 2 children, a best friend in my mom, acceptance with my past, and hope with my future. I no longer fear the road ahead.



Kentucky Women’s New Campus Facilities

Our women’s rehab expansion project was at a standstill for months due to Covid-19 delaying inspections. However, praise the Lord things are finally moving forward and progress is being made! Thank you to everyone making this vision a possibility.

Kentucky Women’s Microenterprise Expands!

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