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Teen Challenge Addiction Treatment Center For Women

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Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for women

Kentucky Women’s Rehab is a Teen Challenge addiction treatment center for women in Dixon, Kentucky. We focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to our addiction recovery centers. Kentucky Women’s Rehab program focuses on abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and other life-controlling issues. Most importantly, it builds the foundation to support recovery for a lifetime, including spiritual healing.

  • Spiritually: Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for women know that the student’s symptoms indicate deeper problems and conflicts; we understand that a new life in Christ will give them the power and ability to overcome these problems and live a more productive life.
  • Emotionally: The healing of past abuses is necessary. Biblical studies enhance mental growth and serve as a foundation for creating new lives.
  • Physically: Teen Challenge adult programs care for the physical needs of the students. These needs – a drug-free environment, food, recreation, etc. – are critical factors to the student’s success in the program. 
  • Socially: Students learn to work through relationship problems with their peers and families at home. They will learn to apply the character qualities they learn in the classroom to their everyday lives. 
  • Educationally: Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for women have developed a life training curriculum designed to develop the skills required to become successful members of society. Comprehensive education includes subjects ranging from the related health aspects of chemical dependency, boundary setting, anger management, coping skills, relapse prevention, and cognitive behavioral tools to help build a strong foundation in recovery.

Faith and Recovery From Addiction

Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for womenRecovering from drug and alcohol abuse and other life-controlling issues like anger, sexual additions, and others can be a stressful and overwhelming task. You might live in fear that you will mess up and relapse, or perhaps recovery seems too great of a job to handle on your own. You can rely on a power greater than yourself to guide you through your struggles whenever you have doubts or fears. When the weight of recovery seems too much to bear, you receive strength from God.

Life can seem empty and meaningless when you first become sober and clean. You may feel depressed and anxious and not understand how to live out your day-to-day life. In Christian recovery programs, Biblical teachings are implemented into your everyday life, giving you the tools to find fulfillment in sobriety. This is one of the main reasons Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for women are so effective. Connecting with God during your drug and alcohol recovery gives you a sense of purpose that will guide you throughout life. 

You Deserve a Second Chance With Teen Challenge’s Kentucky Women’s Rehab

God forgives you, and He will give you a second chance. Don’t be discouraged if addiction rehabilitation centers have not worked for you. Kentucky Women’s alcohol and drug recovery center works through the power of Christ, and in Him, all things are possible. 

At the Core of the Teen Challenge’s Kentucky Women’s Program is This Principle  

“God’s love has the power to reach and transform every addict, offering them a life of truth, peace, and purpose. Our goal is to clear the addict’s mind and provide the right motivations, environment, training, and mentorship to support this transformation. So, contact a Teen Challenge Southeast adult rehab program first if you or a loved one is on the downward spiral of substance abuse. We promise it will be the last rehab program you or they will ever need.”

Benefits of Choosing a Teen Challenge Christian Adult Recovery Center

Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for womenThe Teen Challenge Southeast long-term residential recovery program have many benefits. Our residents are given the following opportunities when they enter our programs:

  • They can separate themselves from the environment and relationships, contributing to their life-controlling problems.
  • They come into a controlled environment that helps them to avoid the substances and behaviors that have contributed to their self-destruction.
  • Live in a supportive and loving Christian community.
  • They are mentored by others who have walked the same path to freedom and understand the process they are going through as they grow.
  • They are positioned to confront the destructive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that led to their life-controlling problems.
  • Chapel services, Christian growth classes, church attendance, and Christian mentoring help them to discover God’s truth for themselves.
  • They are allowed to cultivate the life practice of personal prayer and daily devotions.
  • They take part in work programs designed to teach a positive work ethic, responsibility, and pride in a job well-done, regardless of the tasks they are assigned to complete. Because many work programs generate funding for Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for women, students can contribute to their recovery through their work, giving them a sense of productivity and dignity.

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Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers for women

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