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Sasha’s Story

“I was adopted, both literally and metaphorically, into a family when I was just three years old. But the acceptance and love I craved never fully came. I felt like an outsider, unworthy of affection and understanding. The weight of being unwanted and insignificant hung heavy on my heart. In my mother’s eyes, I was never quite right, never enough. Trying to mold me into someone I wasn’t only pushed me further away. I started making bad decisions and fell into partying and drug addiction.

In the depths of despair, lost in a haze of self-pity, a divine whisper broke through the darkness. It was as if God Himself reached down and touched my soul, reminding me of my inherent worth. In that moment of vulnerability, I found redemption.

My journey led me to the Kentucky Teen Challenge, where I discovered a new purpose, a reason to rise each morning with hope. Through faith, I’ve been transformed. No longer defined by past mistakes or the opinions of others, I now live for a higher calling.

Today, I stand firm on the unshakable foundation of Christ, knowing that His love and approval are all I truly need. With every breath I take, I am guided by His grace, fueled by a passion to live out His will. I am a woman with a purpose – to honor Him in all I do, for He is the solid rock upon which I stand.”

*This story has been adapted to protect our student’s identity. The name/photo are pseudonyms chosen for privacy reasons.

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